Featured Adult Learner: Zach Alexander

Zach is a computer science major. He came upon that decision because when he was a kid he loved working on computers, but especially fixing them when they were broken. He debated about becoming an architect but decided to enter the military where he worked on computers. Zach was also in the Marines for four years.

Zach describes himself as a post-traditional student by his older age, life experience and military background. He believes the military made him a more open and timely individual. Zach believes students need to know when the best time for them to go to college is and only decide when they are confident and ready in order to be more likely to succeed. He took a break after high school and worked a few jobs to decide what he wanted to do with his life and he believes it was one of the best decisions he could have made because he decided to join the military to either love it and retire from the Marines or at least get his tuition covered in the future. From there, he decided to make the career change and go back to school.

The benefits of being a post-trad student is he doesn’t get stressed about projects and papers, excluding the time he was working 50 hours a week and going to school. He still got everything done!

One of the challenges Zach has experienced is his transition to civilian life. He feels he used a lot of military phrases when talking to people and thought it made it harder to connect. However, it was easier to connect to professors because the age gap wasn’t as far and they are both working professionals.

His favorite experiences so far is meeting staff and faculty. Zach enjoys meeting his professors, especially those passionate about their topics.

Zach’s hobbies include simple programming, reading (Harry Potter/Night Angel), any and all video games, and becoming more of a people person. He is an introvert but still likes to make new friends and connections. He finds it easier for younger students to connect with him and ask him for advice.

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