Featured Adult Learner: William Lin

William Lin is a senior at NIU with a major in statistics. He enjoys working with probability and stocks. He chose statistics because it was most related to computer science, but emphasized that he chose his major on a whim. William decided last week to go on to apply to NIU for a master’s in marketing. He chose NIU because it was the most convenient and efficient.

NIU is close to home for William, similar to a lot of our lounge users and chose NIU specifically because he was awarded an $8,000 scholarship for good grades and a high GPA. He enjoys the events on campus. Specifically, William enjoyed Promise Scholars and English as a Second Language, although lately the weather has been keeping him from activities. One of the attractions William enjoys is all the job fairs NIU conducts and how helpful people are insuring student success.

Some of Williams hobbies include juggling and cooking. His favorite foods to cook are done in ‘Chinese style” and he likes to portion out ratios and see what kind of meal he can create. His favorite so far is what we have decided to call the Chinese burrito where he creates stir fries with varying ingredients only to wrap it all up in a tortilla shell. Not surprising that he is extremely creative he also likes to add cheese to his stir fry burritos.

Eventually when he completes his schooling he would like to go on to have a job with purchasing and inventory, possibly supply chain and analytics with big date.

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