Featured Adult Learner: Renee Chanthalangsy

Renee chose NIU for her undergraduate degree because both of her parents are Huskie alumni. She loves the idea of following in their huskie pawprints. Her dad is an engineer in DeKalb so they conveniently commute together. She also chose NIU because it was so affordable.

Renee is a freshman majoring in biochemistry. She is drawn to biochemistry because it is on the path to becoming a genetic engineer, which appeals to both her love of medicine and ability to connect socially with patients. Her plan is to attend another university for graduate school that that offers a genetic counseling.

As a non-traditional student, she commutes and therefore does not live on campus. Renee does feel that she gets the best of both worlds because she is able to have her friends at school and her friends at home at the end of the day. She feels that she has the ability to choose her friends more carefully and her time management skills are kicking butt. One of her favorite parts of being a non-traditional student is that she is able to enjoy her Spotify playlist on her 40-minute commute.

Some of her passions in her free time include producing music on Sound cloud, candid photography and playing instruments. Renee likes to participate in the arts to create a level of separation from work and play.

Her best memory so far is hanging out in the MPTSS lounge and laughing with Princess. We love her.

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