Featured Adult Learner: Nicole Wagner

Nicole Wagner

Nicole Wagner is a senior at NIU majoring in environmental studies and minoring in biology. She is the president of the Committee of Wildlife Preservation and a student ambassador. Wagner enjoyed studying abroad in Costa Rica so much that she became very interested in the Peace Corps. She is the perfect person to talk to if you are interested in applying for the Peace Corps or want to simply ask any questions as well as learn more about opportunities and experiences that are available to you.

Wagner specifically would like to get in touch with other student organizations and work together to educate students by holding classes, attending events or whatever works best for others. She states, “it is best to apply to the Peace Corps right out of graduation because they will pay for a portion of your graduate schooling, if that is a route you plan on taking. Through the Peace Corps, you can learn more about leadership, teaching, health and the environment. It is a two-year commitment, but they do give you vacation and pay for some air travel. The Peace Corps is an excellent choice if you are considering a government job because it will look good on your resume.”

Nicole enjoys hiking, birding, travel, different foods, experiencing other cultures, dance concerts and music. All things that are incorporated in both study abroad and the Peace Corps.

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