Featured Adult Learner:Mike Orsay

Mike Orsay is a transfer student from the College of DuPage, a commuter and a student veteran. His major is a B.S. in Computer Science. He always enjoyed computers as a kid, and started first programming as a child. He likes NIU because of his classes. As an upperclassman, he is taking the core classes of his major, which he enjoys. Another thing he likes about NIU is how great commuters are treated at NIU. The commuter lounge in the Holmes Student Center is the perfect place to hang out in between classes. Mike is looking forward to walking the graduation stage in spring 2019. 

Mike choose NIU because it was close to home. He did not want to make his wife move from the home they have settled down at to a university that was very far away. Additionally, he has friends that have shared their NIU experience, which they have enjoyed. Mike has a 45-minute commute to NIU. During his free time, he likes to play video games. His suggestions to new students is to always attend class and do not skip. For student veterans like himself, university requires the application of the discipline learned while serving in the military. 

Fun Fact: Mike is able to dislocate his shoulder.

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