Featured Adult Learner: Michelle Bronkema


Michelle Bronkema is a senior majoring in psychology with a minor in art and a certificate in Women & Gender studies. She chose her major in psychology after taking a psychology class in her final year of high school. Since high school, she has found psychology interesting. She enjoys cognitive psychology and learning about the different human stages of development. She has learned to be aware of the difference in life stage from before birth and to death. Life is built on social interactions. Through the Women & Gender studies certificate, Michelle met a student that would become her best friend at NIU. Also, she said she chose her minor in art because she finds pottery and ceramics calming and relaxing. She is able to use the ideas in her mind to create art with her hands.

Michelle transferred from a community college two hours away from NIU. She graduated with her associates degree from Highland Community College. Now, she will cross the stage and graduate this upcoming May. In her final semester, her goal is to graduate with a 4.0 GPA. Overall, she likes NIU because of the high rated psychology program. The psychology program is high rated based on professor rating, student retention and job prospects. Michelle also likes walking around campus. She enjoys the architecture and the layout. NIU is very welcoming! She encourages new students to enjoy their time at NIU. She says not to skip class and to participate in class. For transfer students, she encourages them to use the MPTSS lounge to find community and lessen the feelings of isolation. It is hard to be a transfer student because you feel alone at first. She says not to feel overwhelmed or discouraged if a professor assumes you’re a traditional student. Last, Michelle’s hobbies include playing video games, crocheting and playing Pokemon Go!

Fun Fact: Michelle is a third generation Huskie!

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