Featured Adult Learner: Lidia Sonthipanya

Graduating senior Lidia Sonthipanya has invested all she has to be a successful post-traditional student. She is in her third and final year at NIU after taking a five-year gap in between obtaining her associate’s degree from Harold Washington College. This May she will be graduating with her B.S. in Human Development and Family Science with an emphasis on child development and sub-emphasis on leadership from College of Health and Human Sciences.

Lidia balanced many roles while at NIU. She is a wife and mother to two sons (12 and 15 respectively). She has also commuted from Aurora during her NIU career. This past semester, she took on a challenging internship with NIU’s Child Development and Family Center. Her hard work has been recognized by the Kappa Omicron Honors Society for being in the top 20 percent with her GPA at her college. Lidia told me this degree is more than an academic achievement. Her degree shows her children what is possible. Her degree has also helped her move beyond the past and become a better individual.

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