Featured Adult Learner: Emma Colby

Emma Colby is a commuter and post-baccalaureate student. She is studying communicative disorders and is striving to be a speech-language pathologist. She worked as a special education teacher for three years and her favorite was working on students’ communication skills. This passion led her to come back to school and focus on speech and language as a career.

As a commuter, she has found her experience to be better than expected. At first, she was dreading having to commute from St. Charles, Illinois, but she believes that NIU is a commuter friendly place. When it comes to being a post-back student, it has been an adjustment for her to be a student again after working full-time for three years. However, she loves learning and being in school, so it has been fun to be back. Even though she is older and feels that she is in a different stage of life than some of the students in her classes, she is grateful that she gets to meet and learn from both traditional undergrads and other post-backs from class.

Emma's hobbies include currently getting into lifting at the gym and reading fiction novels. Since time for reading is often limited with school, she enjoys listening to audiobooks during her commute. Her and her Husband love to travel and this past summer they went to the Republic of Georgia and said it was amazing. She speaks Spanish and loves traveling to Spanish-speaking countries.

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