Lyle Marschand

P211 General Physics II

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Math 155 or equivalent (Trig & Algebra); P210 or equivalent.

Course Materials:

Course Objectives:

General objectives are to:

  • Develop an understanding of the basic concepts and principles in Physics.
  • Develop critical thinking and a scientific approach to problem solving.
  • Develop and use mathematical formulations of physical principles.
  • Prepare the student for the MCAT exam

Specific Course Objectives:

This is the second of a two-semester sequence required for students who are majoring in the life sciences, the pre-medical program, the pre-physical therapy program and the engineering technology program. Topics to be covered include concepts of electrical charge, electrical and magnetic forces and fields, electrical potential, time-varying fields, resistive, capacitive, and inductive circuits, electrical and magnetic oscillations, electromagnetic waves and the properties of light, optics, special relativity, and atomic/nuclear physics.