Lyle Marschand

P210 General Physics I

Newton BallsNote: This page provides general information for prospective students. Please logon to the Blackboard Course server if you are enrolled in this class for complete information.

Course Prerequisite:

Math 155 or equivalent (Trig & Algebra)

NOTE:If you do not have this math prerequisite, you will have to pass a Trig/Algebra Placement Test that you can take at the Math department main office.


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Course Objectives

General objectives are to:

  • Develop an understanding of the basic concepts and principles in Physics.
  • Develop critical thinking and a scientific approach to problem solving.
  • Develop and use mathematical formulations of physical principles.
  • Prepare the student for the MCAT exam

Specific Objectives:

This is the first of a two-semester sequence required for students who are majoring in the life sciences, the pre-medical program, the pre-physical therapy program and the engineering technology program. Topics to be covered in P210 include concepts of force, vectors, one and two dimensional motion, Newton’s Laws, circular motion and gravity, conservation of energy, linear and angular momentum, torque, fluids, material elasticity, oscillatory motion, sound and thermodynamics.