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P162 Elementary Astronomy

Note: This page provides general information  for prospective students. Please logon to the Blackboard Course server if you are enrolled in this class for complete information.

The instruction methodology will utilize active learning techniques including group discussions and in-class tutorials. A comprehensive online course/text tutorial system (Mastering Astronomy) is available to all students who purchase a new paper text or the etext version of the text.

Course Materials: (click on links for more information):

    • Essential Cosmic Perspective with Mastering Astronomy/ Sixth Edition, Bennett, Donahue, Schneider, Volt, 6th edition, 2012 and bundled Mastering Astronomy, Lecture Tutorials. See the NIU Bookstore web site
    • Turning Technologies NXT Response Card (clicker) - see the NIU Bookstore web site

General Course Objectives include:

Introduction to astronomical science from cosmology to planetary formation. Course will not cover our Solar System planets in detail since there is a "planetary astronomy" course offered by the Geology Department

Specific Course Objectives are to develop:

Part I - a perspective starting with the entire universe, then our galaxy (Milky Way), solar system and planet Earth. Understanding the history of the science of Astronomy and how it shapes our view of the universe.

Part II - understanding of what powers the universe including gravity, motion, and energy. Analysis of the properties of light will be key to any understanding of astronomy.

Part III - basic understanding of planetary formation.

Part IV - understanding of stellar formation and evolution including dwarfs, neutron stars and black holes.

Part V - overview of cosmology including galaxies, dark matter/ energy and spacetime.

Do you want to learn about the universe, black holes, dark energy and how space and time are really the same??  Come join us!!

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