Lyle Marschand

Physics 150 & 150A

Newton BallsTake this course to satisfy your Science requirement and learn about some of our modern technology and how it really works!

Note: This page provides general information for prospective students. Please logon to the Blackboard Course server if you are enrolled in this class for complete information.


Course Objectives

  • Develop an understanding of physics concepts by exploring specific topics of interest
  • "How things work" topics include falling objects, wheels, scales, stoves, discharge lamps, clocks, copiers, hybrid cars, flashlights, electrical power, tape recorders, audio equipment, radio, microwaves, lasers, optical recorders, cameras, nuclear weapons/ reactors, medical imaging
  • Physics concepts include force, velocity, acceleration, energy, heat, electricity, magnetism, optics

This course can be taken "standalone" or with an accompaning "hands-on" lab by taking the P150A course.