How to Prepare for a Site Conversion

So you are going to have your NIU website converted to the new website template. That's great news! Your new site will be more mobile-friendly and will give a better experience to your visitors. Follow this checklist to get ready for the assessment and conversion. The more prepared you are, the faster your site will be converted once the process starts.

 Choose one person to be the project manager from your department. That person will be our main point of contact during the conversion process.

 Identify any other stakeholders or people with website decision-making abilities in your department. We would like to include them in the kick-off meeting so we understand what their goals and expectations for the website are.

 Download old files and images that you want to keep. If they aren't used anymore on your current site, delete them from the server. Only recent files and images will be converted to the new site.

 Delete and unpublish any pages that aren't used on your website.

 Determine what information on your site is for internal vs. external audiences. Internal information will be moved to SharePoint or O365.

 Become familiar with AP Style. We use this style for all of our web and marketing communications collateral. The NIU library has a free online subcription to the AP Styleguide.

 Read through the NIU web standards. We follow these guidelines for all websites.

 Read through the accessibility guidelines and related documents. We want to ensure all users have a positive user experience.

 Add dashes between words in any new PDF, DOC or image files that you upload to your site between now and the site conversion.

 Contact Creative Services to request a photographer if there are upcoming events that you would like photographed for your new website. Mention that these photos will be used on your converted website.

 Enter your department's events into the NIU Master Calendar (if you don't already). We use this calendar to pull in events through a feed to your website.

 Check out a copy of "Letting go of the Words" by Ginny Redish - a fantastic book about writing for the web.