Site Assessment

Site assessments uncover outdated and inconsistent content, broken links, misspellings, and pages with little to no traffic. We think that site assessments are so important, we assess every website that we convert to the black and white templates.

What is included in a site assessment?

  • Content Audit: A detailed report providing a list of every published and unpublished page on your NIU website
  • Recommendations: Suggestions for content and navigation enhancements to improve user experience, conversion rates, and search engine optimization
  • Outdated Content Report: A list of pages that haven’t been updated in the last six months
  • Broken Link Report: A list of all links on your site that are broken
  • Misspelling Report: A list of all misspelled or potentially misspelled words on your pages
  • Site Search Report: A list of terms that people searched for when using the NIU search box on your homepage
  • Heat Maps: Reports showing how users behave when they visit your homepage
  • Face-to-face Meeting: An hour-long meeting with your team to discuss opportunities for improvement and next steps to get your site on track