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Banner Hanging Policy

The goal of this policy is to protect and to preserve the aesthetic view of the campus when hanging banners from NIU light posts. Designated areas of campus have been made available for banner reservations.

Banner Criteria

  • Banners may only be hung on light posts on NIU property 
  • Desired dates are subject to review 
  • Standard banners should be 24”x36” in size and made of appropriate waterproof material.
  • All banner designs must be submitted to the Clearinghouse for review and approval. Banner design and production can be requested through Creative Services

Request to Hang Banners

Contact Mariano Spizzirri at with the following information to initiate a banner request:

  • Organization/department name
  • The intention of the banners
  • Samples of the banner artwork
  • The dates and desired length of time the banners are to remain hung
  • The cost center account to charge labor fees

Please note: There will be a $57.00/hr. fee assessed by the University's Physical Plant for installation/removal of all banners. It takes approximately 1/2 hour to hang one banner. An inquiry with the University's Accounts Receivable Department to determine individuals account status will be required before an order to install banners is placed.

Following Approval of Request

Submit two separate work order requests to the Physical Plant (

  1. Date banners should be hung
  2. Date banners should be taken down

All banners should be dropped off at the Physical Plant (120 W. Stadium Drive); where they will then be picked up by the Grounds Department and hung in the approved areas.

After banners are removed by Grounds, they will be returned to the Physical Plant and all banners must be picked up by organization/department within 24 hours (or Monday morning) of removal.

For questions or further information about hanging banners on campus, please contact Mariano Spizzirri