October 2020

Provost authorizes project and provides commitment for project management support from Institutional Effectiveness. Colleges and stakeholder units nominate task force members.


November 2020

Form Task Force committees. Build project plan. Draft communications plan and launch project website. Hold kick-off meetings with committees. Establish and schedule project communications routines. Seek initial input from Advisory Committee to define review criteria.


December 2020

Begin drafting review criteria and initial advisory committee survey for feedback on criteria. Finalize and begin executing communication plan.


January 2021

Complete advisory committee survey and use results to finalize review criteria. Reach out to vendors to schedule initial meetings with executive committee. 


February 2021

Engage with vendors to schedule product demonstrations. Announce scheduled demonstrations to campus. Conduct vendor demonstrations and information sessions. Survey stakeholders who attend demonstrations and information sessions. 


March 2021

Finish vendor information sessions and demonstrations. Compile results from stakeholder surveys, review, and determine finalists. Initiate sandbox/trial periods with vendor finalists. Announce and distribute invitations to sandbox/trial periods. Sandbox/trial period commences.


April 2021

Sandbox/trial period ends. Survey sandbox/trial reviewers and compile feedback. Finalize the review process and send communications to review participants to close the review.


May 2021

Draft review findings and recommendations. Task force finalizes findings and recommendations, presents to university leadership for approval.


June 2021

Communicate review outcomes broadly to campus stakeholders.

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