LMS Review Process and Scoring

Timing and Process for Review

  • 1

    Executive Committee will request an initial virtual meeting with each vendor and provide an agenda in advance. Following this kick-off meeting, Executive Committee will provide each vendow with agenda of the topics the vendor should include in their eventual campus presentation. Executive Committee will draft questions for vendors to provide written responses following the initial meeting.

  • 2

    Each vendor will have the opportunity to schedule a 60-minute meeting with the Executive Committee to "tell their story" and provide more background into their history as a company, general overview of solution, and roadmap ahead -- information that would provide additional  context in advance of campus demonstrations.

  • 3

    Each vendor will provide a test instance of their platform for technical review and access to existing documentation; Technical Committee will review the systems and rate according to the full list of technical criteria.

  • 4

    Executive Committee and Technical Committee will request written responses to additional questions based on the technical review. Executive Committee will rate the responses and adjust technical review ratings as appropriate.

  • 5

    Vendor will provide at least 2 virtual demonstrations for faculty, staff, and students to attend on functionality for teaching and learning. Participants will complete a follow-up survey to rate the system’s functionality.

  • 6

    Vendor will provide a separate virtual demonstration of shopping cart features for outside learners and external programming. Participants will complete a follow-up survey to rate the system’s functionality.

  • 7

    Technical Committee will build sample courses in each system with identical content to share with focus groups. Focus groups will compare the courses from each system and rate the systems’ functionality.

  • 8

    Vendor will provide 5-8 references of client institutions comparable to NIU for the Executive Committee to reach out to for their institutional experience and feedback.

Review Scoring

Scores will be weighted according to the following maximum scores:

Review Elements  Points Possible
Responses to questions from Task Force 100
Technical review of the criteria, based on Technical Committee's testing in a pilot server 200
Campus feedback (direct surveys, focus groups) 250
Pricing, contracted 200
Pricing, transition (to include maintaining multiple licenses, training, etc.) 50
Vendor support for transition and training 100
Roadmap 100
Criteria for support of non-credit activities and non-matriculated students are optional but can increase technical review score.
Total Weighted Points Possible 1,000
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