Beware of Bed Bugs

Overview about Bed Bugs for Local Student Tenants

Read information sheet (pdf) with the following topics:

  • What are Bed Bugs?
  • How to Identify Bed Bugs
  • What to Do When Infested

Students on campus can go to or call Environmental Health and Safety, Dave Scharenberg at 815-753-1093.

Additional Resources on Bed Bugs

Environmental Health & Safety: 
“Bed Bug Information (Identification, Biology, and Control)”

  • This website is a comprehensive resource for bed bug information.  In particular, this website provides high resolution pictures of bed bugs and bed bug eggs as well as detailed information regarding:  How to prevent bed bug infestations, recognizing bed bug bites, how to identify and collect bed bugs, bed bug biology and behavior, how to control bed bugs, and answers to frequently asked questions.


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


Illinois Department of Public Health:
“Bed Bugs Prevention and Control”

  • This resource is much less comprehensive than either of the Harvard websites, however this website is important because its existence illustrates the fact that the Illinois Department of Public Health considers bed bug infestations to be a serious public health matter.  The information on this website is much more general in nature than the information provided by either of the Harvard websites, but this website provides basic information regarding bed bugs in general as well as general advice for “managing bed bugs.”  In addition, this website refers visitors to contact the Illinois Department of Public Health, Division of Environmental Health, for more information regarding bed bugs.