Peer Educators

Themed Learning Communities (TLC) are two-three courses clustered around a particular theme that usually includes a UNIV 101 and at least one general education course and are only open to incoming freshmen. Peer Educators (PEs) for Themed Learning Communities will be responsible for all of the same duties as non-TLC Peer Educators and may have additional responsibilities assisting with the content courses within the TLC by hosting study sessions or assisting students with academic concerns.

To find out more about TLCs and TLC PEs, come to one of the information meetings or contact Office of Student Engagement and Experiential Learning at 815-753-8154 or

Placement as a Peer Educator is both an honor and a rewarding opportunity for professional and personal growth. This is a paid position open to undergraduate students who meet the following requirements:

  • Ability to fulfill this role for the full 16 weeks of the fall semester
  • Have at least 4.3 hours per week to commit to the PE position during the fall semester
  • At least one TLC content course taken
  • Prior TLC participation preferred
  • Ability to offer socio/academic support to first year students and serve as a resource and model for all students
  • Ability to facilitate study sessions or help with academic concerns when needed
  • Ability to speak effectively on:
    • Personal management skills (i.e., time, stress, health)
    • Goal setting
    • Academic achievement skills (i.e., studying, note-taking, test-taking)
    • Living in a diverse community
    • Getting connected (i.e., clubs, jobs, campus activities)
    • Your experiences at NIU
  • Ability to assist educators with:
    • Planning course activities
    • Facilitating class discussions

Applications for 2019/2020 Peer Educators will become available in November.