Themed Learning Communities

A Themed Learning Community (TLC) is a group of two-four courses taken by the same set of approximately 25 students over the course of a semester. These courses are taught in a way that will allow you to explore a common theme across all of the courses in your TLC. 

Discover the Benefits of TLCs

Being part of a TLC means that you are enrolled in the courses offered through particular TLC. Some students prefer TLCs because of the idea of having the same group of peers in a few classes. Others like that the classes offered through TLCs are covering one overall theme. Students can also enroll in a TLC because it is related to their major or just because they are interested in the topic!

  • Small Class Size: All TLCs are restricted to less than 25 students. This smaller class size allows students an opportunity to build friendships with each other early in their first semester.
  • Support and Mentoring: Each TLC offers a peer mentor who works together with the faculty team and others at the university to create a program that helps support incoming first-year students. Many students who have enrolled in a TLC have found that the comfortable environment allows them to make close connections with faculty and advisors as well as their peers.
  • Active Learning: All TLC instructional teams are encouraged to collaborate and create integrative assignments, interactive ways of teaching, engage in learning experiences outside of the classroom.
  • Grades and Successful Graduation: Students who have completed a TLC generally receive better grades than students who are not part of the TLC program. TLC participants are also more likely to stay in school.