Faculty and Advisors

Themed Learning Communities consist of two-three courses that the same group of students (approximately 25) take together to explore a theme.

Department chairs and directors can complete a course request form to request or confirm Honors, Themed Learning Community and UNIV 101/201 courses. 

Resources specific to faculty and advisors are also available. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Themed Learning Community (TLC) options are available this semester?

A complete list of upcoming Themed Learning Commuities (TLCs) can be found on our TLC listings page.

I am assisting a student and need to know how to help them enroll. What is the process?

Pre-Enrollment Process

To reserve your seat in a TLC (two-four courses), complete our online Pre-Enrollment Form. A member of our team will pre-enroll you prior to orientation so long as you meet all of the requisites for the learning community and there is still space available. Seats are first come, first serve, so be sure to submit your form as soon as possible! View the complete listing of available learning communities.

Traditional Enrollment Process (Summer Orientation)

To follow the traditional enrollment process, students will need to discuss their TLC interests with an advisor in their advising session during summer orientation.

What are the benefits to students who enroll in a TLC?

There are several benefits to students who choose to be involved in a TLC.

  • Students who enroll in a TLC are, on average, more likely to stay in school and earn higher GPAs than students who entered the university with similar academic credentials who chose not to take a TLC. Read more about TLC students' academic outcomes.
  • Students are in smaller classes and tend to get to know their instructors more easily than in traditional courses.
  • Students in TLCs have access to a peer mentor who will assist them both academically and socially.

I would love to start a Themed Learning Community for a freshmen or transfer population. How do I get started?

We collect proposals from faculty/staff twice per year for fall and spring TLC ideas. Please check our TLC faculty or advisor resources periodically for more information, including forms and deadlines. Any other questions can be emailed to TLC@niu.edu.