Living-learning Communities

Living-learning Communities (LLC) provide a unique opportunity for you to live and learn with other NIU students with common academic interests. Living in these communities allows you to connect to faculty, engage in hands-on learning experiences through field trips and career-related activities, and much more! Each community requires you to be fully committed to participating in programming and learning opportunities throughout the year.

You can choose a room in one of our Living-learning Communities after you sign your housing contract. There is a $50 program fee for LLCs.

ACES House: Academic and Career Exploratory Scholars

Understand how your courses connect your major and future career

Business Careers House

Experience unique opportunities to connect with business faculty and other business students

Fine Arts House

Live with other students from the Schools of Theatre and Dance, Art and Music

Health Professions House

Enjoy professional development opportunities, social activities, and more with others interested in health and service related careers

Honors House

Participate in intellectual, cultural, social activities, and community service projects with Honors students


Home to students pursuing any area of teacher certification