Frequently Asked Questions

Living-learning Communities (LLC)

What are the benefits of living in an LLC?

You will have a chance to connect with your peers who have common interests. Each LLC is linked to an academic home and the coordinators and house leaders provide unique programming opportunities that include field-trips, visits with faculty and social events.

Is there are a cost to live in an LLC? A $50 program fee is added to your room rate per semester if you live in a Living-learning Community.
Am I able to change roommates?

Learn more about changing roommates on the Housing and Residential Services site.

Are there courses that I have to take in order to live in an LLC?

No. There are no courses required, although each community does have specific requirements for involvement within the community. To learn more click on the link to the community that you are interested in. If you are interested in taking courses based on a particular theme and with a small group of peers, check out the Themed Learning Communities which provide first-year students with an opportunity to enroll in a cluster of 2-3 classes with 20 students, based around a particular theme. All TLCs include general education courses as well and students who participate are more academically successful than their peers who do not enroll.

Themed Learning Communities (TLC)

How do I enroll or pre-enroll in a TLC?


To reserve your seat in a TLC (two-four courses), complete the online Pre-Enrollment Form. A member of our team will pre-enroll you prior to orientation so long as you meet all of the requisites for the learning community and there is still space available. View the complete listing of 0;available learning communities.

Traditional Enrollment

To follow the traditional enrollment process, you will need to discuss your TLC interests with your advisor in your advising session during summer orientation.

Are there any academic benefits to enrolling in a TLC?

Yes. If you participate in a TLC, you will likely earn a higher GPA and you will be more likely to stay in school. Get more information about the benefits of enrolling in TLC.

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