About Learning Communities

Themed Learning Communities (TLC)

A TLC is a group of two-four courses taken by the same set of approximately 20 students over the course of the fall semester. These courses are taught in a way that will allow you to explore a common theme, connect with your peers, develop a close connection with your faculty and complete several general education courses! Students who participate in TLCs are more likely to return in their next year and are more successfully academically than those who did not choose to participate in a TLC. Make the right choice! Enroll in a TLC now!

Living-Learning Communities (LLC)

LLCs provide a unique opportunity for you to live and learn with other NIU students with common academic interests. Living in these communities allows you to connect to faculty, engage in hands-on learning experiences through field trips and career-related activities, and much more! Each community requires you to be fully committed to participating in programming and learning opportunities throughout the year.

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