Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information for Current Students

The spread of COVID-19 has caused many changes at NIU. For the latest information, check your NIU email account daily and refer to NIU's coronavirus updates, as well as the Keep Learning website. If you're experiencing anxiety or distress, keep in mind that student counseling services are available.

We're here to support you and keep your legal education on track during this time. We ask that you use email to contact faculty and administrators, as we're working toward having everyone work remotely. If you're an RA, GA, ASP tutor, etc., contact your supervisor to see if you can work remotely.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email Dean Rigertas, Dean Falkoff, Dean Coles or Dean King.

Please note: If you recently traveled, you may need to self-quarantine. Read more about what to do if you recently traveled.

July Bar Exam

We don't yet have clear information about the July Bar exam for Illinois and other jurisdictions. Please see Dean Rigertas' email dated March 31 for more details. You can also check these websites for updates:

Spring Semester Grading

Please see the March 27 email Dean Rigertas sent to all law students about changes to spring semester grading policies. There is also a FAQ about Spring 2020 grading.

Access to Campus

Avoid campus when possible and stay away if you're not feeling well. Contact the Student Health Center if you have questions about whether you should come to campus.

As of March 23 Swen Parson Hall is locked. If you need things from your locker, please contact Dean Rigertas or Dean Falkoff for information about building access. If you're not feeling well but need something from your locker, contact Dean Rigertas or Dean Falkoff. We'll figure out another way to get you what you need.

The law library is closed until further notice. Email law library faculty for assistance with online library resources. You can also access a guide on online study aids and remote learning.

Remote Learning

Remote learning will begin on Monday, March 23. Your professors will likely use Blackboard Collaborate to facilitate remote instruction. If you haven't used the platform before, take some time to learn how to participate in a Blackboard Collaborate session.

Here's who to contact for specific questions:

  • For questions about how a class will operate, contact your professor. Contact Dean Falkoff if you have an issue that needs to be brought to the administration's attention.
  • For questions about accommodations or accessibility, contact Dean Coles or Dean King.
  • For technology questions, contact Rahul Thatte or Tejas Satam at or 815-753-0860.

Summer Classes

Registration for summer classes opened on March 19. If you're a first-year student, you can register without turning in an acknowledgment form.

Study Abroad

NIU has canceled all international study abroad programs through August, including our study abroad program in Agen, France. We don't have information yet on what NIU plans to do about expenses you may have already incurred.

If you have any questions about the cancellation of the Agen program, contact David Taylor at or 815-753-0560.


All in-person events held or sponsored by the law school for the month of April have been canceled. If an event can be changed to an online format, that option may be explored. If you wish to change a student organization event from live to remote, contact your faculty adviser.


The May commencement ceremony for College of Law graduates has not yet been officially canceled. However, it appears highly unlikely we'll be able to hold it at the end of May. President Freeman and Dean Rigertas will reassess the situation in a few weeks.