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Faculty News for Professor Elvia Arriola

Elvia ArriolaElvia R. Arriola
Professor Emerita

B.A., California State University, Los Angeles
J.D., University of California, Berkeley
M.A., New York University
Phone: (815) 753-7251 

Professor Emerita Arriola to be Honored at Latina/o Law Professor Dinner

Professor Emerita Elvia Arriola will be the Guest of Honor at the Latina/o Law Professor Dinner, which will be held in conjunction with the AALS Annual Meeting in San Diego, CA in January 2018. 

Professor Emerita Arriola Participates in the 2017 Latina/o Critical Theory Conference

Professor Emerita Elvia Arriola participated in the historic Roundtable Discussion and Community Forum: Sexual Minorities in Society and Academy: Histories, Horizons, and Agendas, at the 2017 Latina/o Critical Theory Conference held in Orlando, Florida on Sep. 30, 2017.

Professor Emerita Arriola Receives Critical Pioneer Award

Professor Emerita Elvia Arriola received the Critical Pioneer Award for her lifetime of unique and groundbreaking contributions to the advancement of critical outsider knowledge community and praxis at the 2017 Latina/o Critical Theory Conference in Orlando, Florida on Sept. 30, 2017.

Professor Emerita Arriola to Present at Forum on U.S.-Mexico Border Tensions

Professor Emerita Elvia Arriola will take part in a panel discussion entitled "When Walls Become Bridges: Trade and Migration Along the Texas-Mexico Border," on Thursday, April 27, 2017, at the University of Texas at Austin. According to Professor Arriola, some of the questions being addressed will include, "A new NAFTA should empower workers and especially migrants who have historically filled the lower paying jobs offered by American companies. But will it? How will the current executive's interest in both renegotiating a trade deal with Mexico while also expanding the funding to increase the militarization of the border and construct a border wall affect the workers at the border who have been producing goods for American consumers for more than 20 years?"

Professor Arriola will present in her capacity as executive director of Women on the Border, Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing awareness of the impact of NAFTA on women in the global factories at the U.S.-Mexico border known as “maquiladoras.”

Professor Emerita Arriola Writes Article for Journal of Legal Education

Professor Emerita Elvia Arriola has written an article that will appear in the Spring 2017 issue of the Journal of Legal Education from the Association of American Law Schools. It is called "Amor Y Esperanza: A Latina Lesbian Becomes a Law Professor," and is part of a symposium. According to Professor Arriola, "Writers for this symposium have reflected on our early presence in the legal academy as LGBT professors and scholars whose work also facilitated the growth of the AALS Section on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity issues." The issue of the journal officially drops on March 24th.

Professor Emerita Arriola Named Mentor for Ms. JD Program

Professor Emerita Elvia Arriola has been nominated for and accepted a position as a mentor for the Ms. JD fellowship program, as reported in the Winter 2017 edition of The Equalizer, the official publication of the American Bar Association's Commission on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (Professor Arriola is a SOGI Commissioner). The Ms. JD program is "a non-profit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to the success of women in law school and the legal profession."

Professor Emerita Arriola to Discuss Migrant Discrimination and Bullying Prevention

Professor Emerita Elvia Arriola will discuss her forthcoming article "Migrants Resist Systemic Discrimination and Dehumanization in Private, For-Profit Detention Centers" with co-author Virginia Raymond at BookWoman Bookstore in Austin, TX on Tuesday, January 24th, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. local time.

Professor Arriola will also be facilitating a closed discussion in Miami, FL on February 2nd among governmental leaders, educators, community activists, attorneys and parents on bullying prevention and making schools and communities safe for all kids, including LGBTQI youth. The closed roundtable discussion is the fourth on the subject of anti-bullying held in conjunction with American Bar Association (ABA) meetings in cities where the ABA has met. The roundtable is hosted by the ABA Commission on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity, of which Professor Arriola is a member.

Professor Emerita Arriola Meets with Gloria Steinem

Professor Emerita Elvia Arriola (left) met with renowned feminist author Gloria Steinem at a VIP reception preceding Steinem's delivery of the Liz Carpenter Lecture at the LBJ School of Public Affairs, which is housed at the University of Texas at Austin, on September 14, 2016. Professor Arriola discussed her chapter in the book Presumed Incompetent: Intersections of Race and Class for Women in Academia (2013) with Steinem.

Professor Emerita Elvia Arriola with Gloria Steinem.

Professor Emerita Elvia Arriola Has Essay Featured in ABA Newsletter

An essay previously published by Professor Emerita Elvia Arriola in the American Bar Association (ABA) newsletter The Equalizer, the official publication of the ABA's Commission on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity, is being re-printed in the August edition of the ABA's e-newsletter for solo practitioners. The newsletter is called GPSolo eReport, and Professor Arriola's piece is entitled "The Undocumented Gay Migrant – Opportunities for Pro Bono Legal Assistance?"

Professor Emerita Eliva Arriola to Present at International Law Symposium

Professor Emerita Elvia Arriola will be presenting on the subject of her forthcoming article, "Migrants, For Profit Detention Centers and the Constitutional Problems of Systemic Discrimination and Dehumanization" at the 2016 Journal of International Law Symposium – Global Justice for Women: Advancing Equality, held at Santa Clara University School of Law on February 19, 2016.

Professor Emerita Elvia Arriola Publishes Article in ABA Magazine

Professor Emerita Elvia Arriola penned an essay for The Equalizer, the official publication of the American Bar Association's Commission on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity, in their Winter 2016 issue. Her piece on page 12 is entitled "The Undocumented Gay Migrant – Opportunities for Pro Bono Legal Assistance?" This edition of The Equalizer was distributed at the ABA Midyear meeting in San Diego, CA the week of February 1, 2016.

Professor Arriola Applauded by Colleague on NIU Today

Professor Arriola Enjoying Prolific Fall Semester

Professor Elvia Arriola was a guest lecturer for Dr. Beatrix Hoffman's Latino History class at NIU on Monday, November 16th, focusing on the topic of her article "Accountability for Murder in the Maquiladoras: Linking Corporate Indifference to Gender Violence at the U.S.-Mexico Border," published in the Seattle Journal for Social Justice in 2007.

Dr. Hoffman's Latino History class shares its thanks with Professor Arriola.

Dr. Hoffman's class shares its thanks with Professor Arriola.

Professor Arriola has also written a book review for the American Journal of Sociology (AJS) of Gay Young's 2015 book Gendering Globalization on the Ground: The Limits of Feminized Work for Mexican Women's Empowerment. The review will appear in AJS's May 2016 issue (vol. 121, no. 6).

In addition, a summary of Professor Arriola's forthcoming article "Queer, Undocumented and Sitting in an Immigration Detention Center: A Post-Obergefell Reflection," which will appear in the University of Missouri Kansas City (UMKC) Law Review in 2016, will be adapted for an American Bar Association midyear newsletter. The article will also be part of launching an education and training program for lawyers by the ABA's Presidential Commission on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity.

Professor Arriola Pens New Article

Professor Elvia Arriola has a forthcoming article in the University of Missouri-Kansas City's UMKC Law Review. It is a reaction piece as part of a symposium on the 2015 Obergefell v. Hodges decision. The article is entitled "Queer, Undocumented, and Sitting In An Immigration Detention Center: A Post-Obergefell Reflection."

Professor Arriola Serves as Keynote Speaker for Conference

Professor Elvia Arriola served as keynote speaker at the NIU Young Women's Conference on September 25th, 2015. Professor Arriola spoke to a group of high school students about preparation for college and getting the most from the collegiate experience. Her inspirational effect on the students was highlighted in a letter of thanks from the NIU Center for the Study of Women, Gender & Sexuality.

Professor Arriola to Speak at Symposium on Justice for Women

Professor Elvia Arriola has accepted an invitation from the University of Santa Clara Law School's Journal of International Law to participate in a symposium co-sponsored by the Center for Global Law and Policy. The February 19, 2016 conference will be on the subject of "Global Justice for Women: Advancing Equality."

Arriola Joins Organization Supporting Schools in Kenya

Professor Elvia Arriola has joined the Board of Directors of the Illinois-based nonprofit, Friends of the Jane Adeny Memorial School (JAMS), as of October 2014. JAMS is a school offering transformative learning experiences to underserved village girls in Kenya.

Professor Elvia Arriola Appointed to American Bar Association Commission

Professor Elvia Arriola was appointed for a three year term as a member of the ABA Commission on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) at the annual meeting of the American Bar Association, held in Boston, Massachusetts from August 7-11, 2014.  The mission of the SOGI Commission is to promote full and equal participation in the practice of law by persons of differing sexual orientation and gender identities. Among the established works of the ABA SOGI Commission is the Best Practices Guide for Promoting LGBT Diversity.

Professor Elvia Arriola Interviewed by Major Brazilian Newspaper

Professor Elvia Arriola was interviewed via e-mail by the international news division of Correio Braziliense, one of Brazil's major newspapers.  She was asked about the April 15, 2014 ruling of the Supreme Court of India recognizing the rights of hijras, or transgenders, in that country.  The article was published on April 16th.

Professors Arriola and Boudreau Receive Ally Awards

Arriola to Participate in Panel Discussion on Civil Rights

Professor Elvia Arriola will speak as part of "Exploring Civil Rights: A Panel Discussion" on Wednesday, March 19 at 6:00 p.m. in the Holmes Student Center Capitol Room.  This panel discussion will focus on the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act. The panel will include three distinguished NIU scholars: Professor Arriola; Dr. Laverne Gyant, Director of the Center for Black Studies; and Dr. Dianne Rodgers, Associate Professor of Sociology.  The event is sponsored by the NIU Department of History and Women’s Studies Program.  Please note: this is an update to an earlier announcement regarding this event.

Professor Arriola to Give Presentation at NIU

Professor Elvia Arriola is scheduled to give two presentations in the coming months on the main NIU campus in DeKalb.  She will serve as commentator to a presentation by Patrice Florvilus, a human rights attorney working in Haiti, as part of the speaker series by the NIU Anthropology Department.  The series is accompanying an exhibit at the NIU Anthropology Museum entitled "Fragments: Haiti Four Years after the Earthquake."   The presentation will take place Tuesday, February 25, from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m., at the Center for Black Studies.

Professor Arriola to Participate in Civil Rights Activism Conference

Professor Elvia Arriola will speak at "Looking Back, Moving Forward: Commemorating 50 Years of Civil Rights Activism 1964-2014," at Syracuse University, March 20-23, 2014.  The conference is action-oriented and will pay particular attention to events that occurred during 1964 including Freedom Summer; the murders of civil rights activists; passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act; and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s acceptance of the Nobel Peace Prize. 

Professor Arriola Part of Roundtable on Race and Class in Legal Academia

Professor Elvia Arriola will be on the roundtable at the annual Latina/o Critical Legal Theory Conference. The discussion is entitled "Presumed Incompetent: Intersections of Race and Class for Women in Academia, Possibilities for a Movement."  The conference is being held in Chicago, IL from October 3-6, 2013.

Professor Arriola Featured on National Radio Broadcast

Professor Elvia Arriola participated in a March 27, 2013 national broadcast conversation for Univision Radio on the topic of the gay marriage cases pending before the Supreme Court.

Professor Arriola Speaks on International Free Trade Panel

Professor Elvia Arriola was a panelist at "Who Benefits from Free Trade?," a symposium produced by the Centre Europe Tiers-Monde, based in Geneva, Switzerland, and held Nov. 1-3, 2012.  She sat on a panel addressing the impact of NAFTA on Mexico. Her co-panelists included a representative from the United Nations' program on Trade and Development, and a representative of the Canadian National Union of Postal Employees.

Professor Elvia Arriola Pens New Essay

Professor Elvia Arriola has written an essay for a new book entitled Presumed Incompetent: The Intersections of Race and Class for Women in Academia.  Reviewers of the book include Gloria Steinem and Mari Matsuda.  The book is scheduled for publication in May 2012 from Utah State University Press.   

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