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Judicial Clerkships


  • The American Bench: Judges of the Nation - Library, Ref KF 190 A5: A comprehensive directory of biographical information for state and federal judges and information about the courts they serve.
  • BNA’s Directory of State and Federal Courts, Judges and Clerks - Library, Ref KF 8700 A19 B53: A directory providing contact information for judges, clerks and administrators for state and federal courts.
  • Directory of Minority Judges of the United States - Library, Ref KF 8700 A19 D57 2008: A directory of over 4,000 minority federal, state, and administrative law judges; commissioners, magistrates, referees, justices of the peace, and hearing officers. The directory is divided into sections of African-American, Asian/Pacific Island, Hispanic, Native American, and Tribal Court judges.
  • The Guide to State Judicial Clerkship Procedures - Office of Career Opportunities and Professional Development: An annual guide by the Vermont Public Interest Action Project and the Office of Career Services at Vermont Law School that features state by state summaries of application procedures.
  • Judging: A Book for Student Clerks - Office of Career Opportunities and Professional Development: A book intended for law students participating in judicial externships but useful for students interested in judicial clerking. It includes articles and excerpts discussing decision making, ethics, judges, and law clerks and writing.
  • Judicial Clerkships: A website featuring links, forums, and resume posting for law schools, students, law clerks, and judges.
  • Judicial Clerkship Binder - Office of Career Opportunities and Professional Development
    Judicial clerkship job announcements.
  • Judicial Externships: The Clinic Inside the Courthouse - Library, KF 8771 C63 1995: A book intended for use in the classroom component for judicial externships but useful for those interested in becoming a judicial clerk. It discusses the role of the judicial clerk, delegation of judicial tasks, opinion drafting, docket management, judicial qualifications, and jurisprudence.
  • Law Clerks and the Judicial Process - Library, KF 8771 02: A study on how American judges use their law clerks.
  • Maintaining the Public Trust: Ethics for Federal Judicial Law Clerks: A pamphlet by the Federal Judicial Center and the Judicial Conference Committee on Codes of Conduct that looks at the ethical issues that judicial law clerks face.
  • Managing Mass Torts: A Directory of Judges - Library, KF 8700 A19 B725 1996
  • State Judicial Clerkship Directory - Office of Career Opportunities: A directory by NALP providing information on state clerkship opportunities. It includes a bibliography on additional print and online sources of information.
  • United States Tribal Courts Directory - Library, Ref KF 8224 C6 S39 2008: This directory lists contact information for United States Tribal Courts and includes listings of some judges and information about some courts.
  • Westlaw
    • wld-clerk (West Legal Directory of Judicial Clerkships)
    • wld-judge (West Legal Directory of Judges)
    • afj (Almanac of the Federal Judiciary)


  • Illinois Blue Book - Library, Ref JK 5730 I431: The chapter on Courts in Illinois contains biographies of Illinois Supreme Court Justices, Illinois Appellate Court Judges, and Illinois Court of Claims Judges. Illinois Circuit Judges are listed.
  • Illinois Judge’s Association: An organization consisting of current and retired Illinois Judges.
  • Illinois Supreme Court
  • Lawyers’ Handbook of Federal, State, and Cook County Courts, Surrounding Judicial Circuits and Selected Departments of the City of Chicago, County of Cook, State of Illinois and Federal Government, Miscellaneous Section Including Cook County Circuit Court Filing Fees and Court Holidays - Library, Ref KF 192 I4 L38: Use this directory to find contact information.
  • Sullivan’s Judicial Profiles - Library, Ref KFI 1708 A19 I441: Use this directory to find biographical information on state and federal judges in Illinois.


  • Federal Judges and Justices: A Current Listing of Nominations, Confirmations, Elevations, Resignations, Retirements - Library, Ref KF 8776 F44: A directory of judicial nominations, confirmations, resignations, and retirement divided by Congress. The directory ceased publication in 2001 but contains useful information on judges that is not as easily found elsewhere..
  • Almanac of the Federal Judiciary - Library, Ref KF 8700 A19 A4: A detailed directory of biographical profiles and evaluations of federal judges.
  • Appellate Opinion Writing - Library, Gov Doc JU13.9:77-4: Focuses on federal court opinion writing.
  • Chambers Handbook for Judges’ Law Clerks and Secretaries - Library, Gov Doc JU 13.8:C 35: A handbook that provides an overview of chambers operations and the work of the federal courts as they relate to the secretary and law clerk’s role.
  • Code of Conduct for Judicial Employees
  • Conducting job Interviews: A Guide for Federal Judges - Library, Gov Doc JU 13.8:J 57: An interviewing guide published by the Federal Judicial Center for judges that includes sample interview questions for law clerk applicants.
  • Directory of Federal Court Guidelines - Library, Ref KF 8700 A19 D56 1996: A directory providing biographical information and courtroom guidelines of individual district judges.
  • Judicial Writing Manual - Library, Gov Doc JU 13.8:W93: A manual written for judges to assist them in better organizing and writing their opinions.
  • Law Clerk Handbook: A Handbook for Law Clerks to Federal Judges - Library, Gov Doc JU 13.8:L 41/2/2007: A handbook on practical procedures that covers the function and role of the law clerk, information for applicants and preparation for clerking, conduct and ethics, basics of litigation and court management, and legal research and writing.
  • OSCAR - Online System for Clerkship Application and Review: A centralized resource for providing notice of available clerkships, clerkship application information, and law clerk employment information.

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