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Leonard B. MandellLeonard B. Mandell
Professor Emeritus

B.A., University of Connecticut
J.D., Boston College

Phone: (815) 753-1069
Room: 181


Leonard Mandell has previously served as associate dean for Student Services, administrating student affairs and the NIU Law moot court programs. His practice experience includes serving as a staff attorney for the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination after practicing law in a private law firm. Dean Mandell joined the Northern administration in 1982. He has published several articles in the criminal procedure area, and is a member of the Illinois, Massachusetts, and Florida Bar Associations.

Faculty News for Professor Mandell

Recent Activities

  • Serves on the NIU Alcohol Education Council.


  • Publish or Perish: Judging an Article By Its Cover Revisited, 18 N. Ill. U. L. Rev. 331 (1998).
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  • Search and Seizure at Home: To Knock or Not to Knock, That is the Question, 4 Preview 228 (1997).
  • Publish or Perish: Judging an Article By Its Cover, 15 N. Ill. U. L. Rev. 373 (1996).
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  • Does a Federal Statute that Imposes a Five-Year Sentence Enhancement, Not to Run Concurrently with Any Other Term of Imprisonment, Apply to State Sentences?, 3 Preview 176 (1996).
  • The Role of Appellate Courts in Determining the Validity of Searches and Seizures, 6 Preview 280 (1996).
  • Out-of-Reach and Locked Away Guns: Can They Support a Conviction for Using a Firearm in Drug Trafficking?, 2 Preview 72 (1995).
  • Prisoner Assault: How Much Must Prison Officials Know to be Liable for Failing to Keep a Prisoner Safe From Attack?, 4 Preview 142 (1994).
  • Extending Batson v. Kentucky: Do Gender-Based Peremptory Challenges Violate the Constitutional Guarantee of Equal Protection?, 2 Preview 57 (1993).
  • Terry Revisited: Is There a "Plain Feel" Exception to the Warrant Requirement?, 5 Preview 224 (1993).
  • Language-Based Peremptory Challenges: Is Something Gained or Lost in the Translation?, 7 Preview 217 (1991).
  • Fairness Over Fortuity: Retroactivity Revisited & Revised, 1989 Utah L. Rev. 11 (with Anita Richardson).
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  • Drug Testing in the Public Sector National Treasury, 2 Preview 97 (1988), reprinted in Soc. Educ., VOL. 53 NO. 4 (1989).
  • Batson v. Kentucky Revisited: A Clear Break for Some but Not for All?, 2 Preview 40 (1986).
  • Lengthy Detentions and Invasive Searches at the Border: In Search of the Magistrate, 28 Ariz. L. Rev. 331 (1986) (with Anita Richardson), reprinted in Immigr. & Nat'lity L. Rev. 453 (1989).
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  • Peremptory Challenges on Trial: Black Jurors Are Out and the Verdict is Coming in, 5 Preview 147 (1985).
  • Surgical Search: Removing a Scar on the Fourth Amendment, 75 J. Crim. L. & Criminology 525 (1984) (with Anita Richardson).
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  • The Carney Case: Is A Man's (Motor) Home His Castle?, 3 Preview 57 (1984).
  • Illinois Makes a Payneful Decision, 73 Ill. St. B.J. 86 (1984).

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Areas of Expertise:

Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Appellate Advocacy

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