COSSA Nomination Form

We are committed to creating a new generation of scholars who have a broad perspective on the study of language and literacy. Each year the CISLL Outstanding Student Scholar Award (COSSA) is awarded to a student affiliate who best exemplifies our mission over the course of their graduate career and shows great promise as a future scholar in the fields represented by CISLL. 

This one-year award provides students with a $500 stipend to support of their scholarly work. During the fellowship year, the student is expected to continue research on language and literacy at NIU during the full academic year of the award, attend center-sponsored events, and will deliver a brief presentation on their work at the annual retreat.

Nominations and Application

Nominations and application materials for the fellowship must be submitted by a CISLL faculty affiliate and the nominee must have been a student affiliate for the past academic year. 

Required Materials

Application materials must include the following:

  • Student affiliate’s curriculum vitae
  • A 500-word statement written by the student providing:
    • An overview of their scholarly work related to CISLL’s mission
    • A brief description of intended work
    • A description of their involvement with CISLL.
  • Letter of recommendation from the CISLL Faculty Affiliate sponsor

Application Evaluation

Applications will be evaluated in terms of the contributions that the student has made so far (Scholarly record), the potential contribution to the fields representing the mission of CISLL (Alignment of scholarship with CISLL mission and Strength of faculty endorsement), and active participation in CISLL events prior to the submission of an application (Evidence of involvement in CISLL).

Submission and Deadline

A PDF file containing all application documents should be submitted no later than May 14, 2021, at 11:59 p.m.

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