Security Alerts

Active Phishing Alerts

Cell Phone Number Phishing

Update - May 8, 2020
Recently campus has received thousands of phishing emails, specifically seeking cell phone numbers. This is a change in tactic from the usual attempt of obtaining accounts and passwords. Read more. 

COVID-19 Scams

Update - April 22, 2020
The FBI has release a public service announcement, Online Extortion Scams Increasing During The COVID-19 Crisis, through the Internet Crime Center. 
Read more about COVID-19 phishing.

Ongoing Security Alerts

Phone and Email Phishing

Due to global work-from-home efforts to stem COVID-19, the number of phone and email phishing scams is increasing sharply. Bad actors are pretending to be:

  • IT support.
  • From your bank.
  • From your credit card company.
  • From your insurance company.

They may ask for your account or personal information, ask you to verify a PIN, or ask you to go to a website for assistance.

Do NOT respond to these requests, and do not give any information to the caller.

Hang up, and if necessary, contact the appropriate resource through the following channels:

  • NIU IT support:
  • From your bank: go to your bank’s website for contact information.
  • From your credit card company: use the phone number on the back of your credit card.
  • From your insurance company: use the contact information on your insurance card.
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