Identify and manage one’s own emotions and behavior.

What do you do when you become frustrated or angry when trying to learn something new, like juggling? 

(Reflecting on our Juggling Journey, IL SEL Goal 1A. 2b.)

  • “I try hard, sometimes I just quit and don’t try anymore but juggling helped me and changed that. And sometimes I get mad then I cool down and try again. Sometimes it’s not that easy though.”
  • “I keep saying to myself I can do this, I am determined to now juggle four bean bags.”

(Student Juggling Journal)

  • “I think it’s fun juggling with my 3rd grade buddy, but sometimes it can be hard to be patient.”

Teacher perspective:

  • “I saw several students diagnosed as BD focused on the task. “
  • “I saw ADHD students working together cooperatively with each together.”
  • "I saw a student that was off task most of the time, focused and deeply involved in the activity. Juggling consumed his every thought and action for that block of time."