Current NIU Course Schedules and Syllabi

ETT 536 - Web-based Learning - fall 2016 {syllabus} {quick guide}
Theory, research, and applications of web-based learning, including designing web-based learning environments, researching computer-mediated communication tools, and issues surrounding management and implementation.

Past NIU Course Syllabi

ETT 510 - Instructional Media and Technology - fall 2013 {syllabus}
Overview of the theoretical issues/trends in instructional technology and their impact on the effective selection, design, utilization, and evaluation of instructional media.

ETT 511 - Advanced Instructional Media Design - summer 2014 {syllabus}
Advanced design of mediated instruction, script writing, photography, audio and video production and computer presentation systems.

ETT 570 - Instructional Technology Leadership - spring 2016 {syllabus} {quick guide}
Theories and methods for developing and managing instructional technology programs and services in educational settings.

ETT 570 - Instructional Technology Administration - summer 2015 {syllabus}
Responsibilities and knowledge/skills demanded for the administration of instructional technology at the school, district, and corporate levels, including: hardware and software evaluation, budgeting, facilities planning, and overall technology plan development.

ETT 571 - Instructional Technology Program Development - fall 2014 {syllabus}
Responsibilities and knowledge/skills demanded of school/corporate-based technology coordinators, including: technology planning, technical staffing, staff development, budgeting, and facilities planning.

ETT 590 - Online Learning Tools - fall 2013 {syllabus}
Introduction to online tools used for online learning.


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