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How Jobs PLUS Works for Students


Do you have a job while you go to college? These jobs can include positions like retail clerk, pizza delivery driver or waitstaff. In addition to helping pay the bills, these jobs often help students gain valuable skills. But how can you make your job stand out from the jobs of other college students?

Join Jobs PLUS! We’ll talk to your employer about becoming a Jobs PLUS partner (if they aren’t already). If they sign on, you’ll be paid by your employer to attend professional development events hosted by NIU.

What are the benefits for you?

  • You’ll learn about important competencies like integrity, interpersonal skills, teamwork, adaptability, stress management, decisiveness, perseverance, leadership, change management, analytical skills, and commitment. 
  • You can immediately apply what you learn from us.
  • You’ll have experience to add to your resume and to discuss during future job interviews.
  • You’ll make friends and network with fellow students, alumni, and community members.
  • You get to learn while you are getting paid!

Check out this example of how Jobs Plus works.


You are an undergraduate student. You get a great job as a pizza delivery driver to gain work experience and help you earn money while you are in college. Because of how important your job is, you sometimes have to miss out on professional career-building events at NIU because they conflict with your work schedule. 

Your Employer

Your supervisor at the restaurant would like to get you additional training that would help you be better at your job, but also help you develop skills that will be valuable in your career after graduation.

The Solution

Jobs PLUS! After we learn where you are working, we contact your employer and ask if they are interested in Jobs PLUS. If they join, with their permission they allow you to attend a series of professional development events hosted at NIU on your paid work time. 

It’s a win-win!

Interested in learning more? Contact us with questions or let us know where you're working.

What Students are Saying

One of the most impactful (Jobs PLUS) events was What's My Style? Learning to Communicate with Others. The personalized nature of the workshop allowed me to analyze my own personality and communication style, and the interactive component demonstrated the benefits and downfalls of each style as well as communicated how to use each style's strengths to effectively accomplish a goal.

Alejandro Molina Hoyos, NIU Student

Through the (Jobs PLUS) seminars I was able to connect with professionals outside of NIU who gave us insight on how to be better managers.

Rachel Shoemaker, NIU Student

I enjoyed Jobs PLUS professional development events because they allowed me to learn a variety of new skills. The events were all presented by a professional who was insightful and gave effort to get us to participate with our own opinions. It allowed me to meet other students which was great for networking. I strongly suggest that future students attend these events to further widen the array of skills at their disposal. It will help them with their transition from academia to a work environment.

Israel Belmonte, NIU Alum

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