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How Jobs PLUS Works for Employers


Employers, do you employ NIU students or have an interest in employing NIU students in jobs while they are in college? Here is how Jobs PLUS works. You provide the job and we provide the professional development for NIU students who work for you! Job + Professional Development Series = Jobs PLUS

Employer requirements to participate in Jobs PLUS:

  • Employ or have an interest in employing one or more NIU students in jobs while they are in college.

  • Allow the NIU students who work for you to attend a select number of events in the Jobs PLUS Professional Development Series on their paid work time. We track which of your employees who are NIU students attend each event and report that back to you.

Employer benefits to participate in Jobs PLUS:

  • Beyond allowing your employees who are NIU students to attend Jobs PLUS events on their paid work time, there is no additional cost or fee to participate.

  • NIU provides the speakers and venue for the Jobs PLUS sessions free of charge.

  • The topics of the Jobs PLUS events are focused on skills that will benefit the student in their career, but also help them be even better employees for you right away, allowing you to supplement any existing training you provide in a very cost-effective way.

  • Students who see additional relevance of their job to their long-term career goals are more likely to be engaged, thereby reducing employee turnover and saving costs on retraining new staff.

  • Another opportunity for you to contribute to the career development of the NIU students who work for you and give back to the university community.

Don’t just take our word for it. Listen to what employers are saying who have participated in Jobs PLUS:

Testimonials from Jobs PLUS employers

"The NIU Jobs Plus program is a tremendous benefit for our interns and our organization. This is the first step in developing their professional presence. The students are able to enhance their communication and leadership skills while working for us which makes them more effective in their roles."by Vicki Slomka, Senior Vice President, Global Human Resources, IDEAL Industries, Inc.

"The Professional Development Series benefits the employee and the employer. The students come back to the job more knowledgeable and aware in areas such as business etiquette and leadership. The employees involved in the workshops leave more motivated and excited and it shows in their job. They are eager to tell me about the their experiences and apply it to their current job. Win Win!”    by Tia Anderson, Banking Professional

"I’ve heard people say, 'What if I train them and they leave?' I say, 'What if you don’t train them and they stay?' As long as I have interns from NIU, I will continue in this program. The return on investment for OC and for students will far exceed the few hours we invested in this."     by Brian Oster, President and Creative Director, OC Creative

Connect your business to Jobs PLUS by sharing your information. You can also Contact Us with questions or request a presentation to your business or organization about Jobs PLUS.

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