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Jobs PLUS has been described as a program built out of a garage. Jobs PLUS was created using the principles of design thinking, disruptive innovation, and the theory of Jobs-to-be-Done. Following conversation with and collaboration by many, Jobs PLUS has developed into its current structure with participation from NIU students, NIU faculty & staff, NIU alumni, and our off-campus partners. Jobs PLUS is intended to enhance the common job experiences students have while they are in school and expand access to professional development in those jobs.


Many college students have to work while they go to school. Because they have to work, they sometimes miss out on opportunities to attend programs and events that would be valuable to their career development. Meanwhile, employers are increasingly saying both field-specific knowledge and a broad range of knowledge and skills are important for college graduates to achieve long-term career success. Jobs PLUS seeks to provide a solution by targeting this broad range of knowledge and skills. The Jobs PLUS model is designed to expand access to learning outside the classroom while addressing one of the primary reasons students frequently miss out on these hands-on learning experiences. That solution is Jobs + Professional Development Series = Jobs PLUS.

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