I am a cultural sociologist with an interest in politics and urbanism. My publications span a variety of empirical topics, ranging from the fiscal narratives of small business owners to the gendered performances found in the sport of parkour. I have a qualitative methodological approach. Each project is different, but I frequently employ semi-structured interviews and (when possible) participant-observation. Much of my past work has explored the significance of the built environment in social action. I have used these studies of physical space to think through the theoretical issue of structure and agency. More recently, I have turned my attention towards the contentious politics embroiling American universities. My focus is on understanding the political identities and ideologies of today’s college students. The goal of all my research is to uncover the myriad ways individuals create and maintain meaning in their everyday lives. Information about my books, journal articles, op-eds, and media appearances can be found through using the menu bar to the left.