Immigration Advising

Guidelines for Paying Nonimmigrant Speakers and Visitors

General guidelines:

  • Persons in H-1B status cannot receive honoraria from other employers. They can receive reimbursement for travel expenses, however.
  • Persons in Optional Practical Training (for F-1 students) can receive honoraria.
  • Persons in J-1, B-1/B-2, or visa waiver status can receive honoraria under certain specific circumstances; please contact the International Student and Faculty Office for more information.

If your nonimmigrant speaker appears to be eligible to receive an honorarium, you will need to gather the following documents:

  • Check request form
  • Request for taxpayer information (W-9 for US citizen, W-8Ben for non-US citizen)
  • Foreign National Information Form (on NIU website:, then using the provided "Search by Document Name" box search for the keyword "Foreign" and the search results will display the Foreign National Information Form.
  • Copy of identification page and visa page from passport
  • Copy of I-94 (both sides)
  • Copy of Social Security card (if available)

If the speaker is already in J-1 status from another sponsor, please contact Stephanie Brown (753-1346) four weeks in advance of the event; she will help you obtain the following documents which will be required:

  • Copy of authorization letter from the speaker's Responsible Officer or Alternate Responsible Officer
  • Copy of DS-2019

Please have the nonimmigrant guest provide you with the appropriate documents and copies. Then please fax them to Barb Seldal in the Controller's Office two weeks in advance of the visit to NIU. Please also schedule an appointment for you and the nonimmigrant speaker or guest to see Ms. Seldal (753-1530 or ) during the guest's visit.

Please note that even with these documents completed, in most circumstances the Controller's Office with still withhold 30% from the honorarium for a nonimmigrant, due to federal tax regulations. In preparing for the event, departments may wish to inform the nonimmigrant speaker of this likelihood.

If there are questions, please contact the International Student and Faculty Office at 753-1346 or Ms. Seldal at 753-1530.