Fulbright Program

Student Fulbright Program

Finishing your B.A. or B.S.? How'd you like to teach English in Indonesia, Belgium or Costa Rica? Or how about enrolling in a master's degree program in Latin America? Looking for funding for your dissertation research in Southeast Asia? If any of these fit you, please check out the Student Fulbright Program. It might be just what you need!

Campus deadline will be Wednesday, September 5, 2018


The Student Fulbright Program, sponsored by the US Department of State and coordinated in the United States by the Institute of International Education, is a competitive fellowship program funding study, research or teaching abroad at the post-baccalaureate or graduate level. In recent years NIU students have won awards that allowed them to teach English in other countries for one year or to conduct dissertation research vital to their doctoral degree programs. If you are a US citizen who's a strong student with a hope to spend a year abroad with a focused project, the Student Fulbright Program may be ideal for you.

Returned Fulbright students often characterize the program as "life-changing," because it provides a substantial sojourn of one academic year in one other country, thereby affording a deep and significant understanding in one other country, thereby affording a deep and significant understanding of the host nation, its culture, and its people. In addition, a student Fulbrighter often has quite a unique experience, with frequent contact with US Embassy and consular staff in the host nation and access to interesting events during the Fulbright year. Finally, the prestige of this fellowship program is recognized around the world and indicates a distinguished student and global citizen.

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  • US citizen at time of application (Lawful Permanent Residency is not sufficient)
  • Strong academic record: this is a very competitive program
  • Will have achieved the baccalaureate (bachelor's) degree by the start of the fellowship. Seniors and graduate students are therefore eligible to apply
  • Good health, because these programs are rigorous and a medical certificate will be required before beginning the grant period
  • Language proficiency: grantees need to be able to speak the language of the host country enough to accomplish the program objectives.
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For NIU Faculty

NIU faculty are the most reliable source of information for students who are interested in pursuing graduate study abroad through prestigious fellowships such as the Student Fulbright Program. If you have a strong student, at virtually any level of study, please recommend that he or she contact the Fulbright Program Advisor, for more information about the program at NIU. For upper division undergraduate students, an English Teaching Assistantship may be an excellent opportunity. Fulbright Full Grants offer the chance for a student to enroll in a graduate program in another country or to conduct independent research abroad. There are also Business Grants avaialle for outstanding business students in a limited number of countries, including Mexico and Spain.

For more information please contact Sarah Lindell at slindell@niu.edu.

Working with your FPA and your academic advisor

Your Interim Fulbright Program Officer is very interested in promoting the great opportunities offered by the Student Fulbright Program. She looks forward to working with you to identify your own objectives, refine your project ideas, and provide feedback on your proposal. At the same time, your professors and academic advisor can provide the most appropriate perspectives on your proposal and essays. Please reach out to your department faculty and to others on campus who may be familiar with your project topic or with your proposed host country.

Why an English Teaching Assistantship is a great opportunity

The Student Fulbright Program offers English Teaching Assistantships in many nations around the world, including three in Southeast Asia: Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. In a number of these nations no proficiency is required in the local language, making the opportunity quite open to students in nearly any major with an interest in teaching. This is a wonderful opportunity for students who are minoring in Southeast Asian Studies and who are looking for a way to practice their language skills and to experience the cultures of their regional interest.

April 2018