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IMuscle Team



Jennifer A. Schmidt
Lee Shumow 

Lee Shumow
Amanda Durik 

Amanda Durik

Senior Research Team

Hayal Kackar-Cam, Post-doctoral Researcher and Project Manager

Nancy DeFrates-Densch, Ed.D., Post-doctoral Researcher 

Deborah Kalkman, Ed.D., Post-doctoral Researcher 

Elena Lyutkh, Ed.D., Post-doctoral Researcher

Research Assistants

Thea Abbott

Brett Anderson

Janel Burchett

Annie Caputo

Anna Collins

Cedrick Dortch

Julie Esparza

Steve Kafkas

Lara Lyles

Britta Rodenbeck

J. Schwartz

Kristin Skells

Anna Strati

Diana Zaleski

Expert Advisory Panel

Carol Dweck, Ph.D., Stanford University

Judy Harackiewicz, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison

Helen Patrick, Ph.D., Purdue University

Daniel Haswell, Glenbard West, Science Department

Roger Christensen, DeKalb Middle School, Science Department.

Project External Evaluator

Penny Billman, Ph.D.,   REGS Consulting


Collaborative for Early Adolescence, Nina Mounts, Ph.D., Director

LEPF Department, NIU

NIU Vision 2020

Pavi Dortsch

Kalia Foster

Anonymous student participant in the study who designed our logo.

Teachers and students who participated in the study.  

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