Family Support

We understand that your family may be a major part of your life. Caring for family members can take a lot of time and resources. It can be difficult to balance work with your personal obligations and goals. We're here to provide information and support as you face different life and family situations.


When you welcome a child into your family through adoption, some of your expenses may be covered by the state's Adoption Benefit Program. Adoption is considered a qualifying change in status. This means you can make changes to your benefits concerning your child. Read more about adoption and other life events.


If you breastfeed your child or express milk after you return to work, you have the right to certain accommodations. Learn more in NIU's Workplace Breastfeeding Policy and Procedure.

Child Care

The Child Development and Family Center provides high-quality care for the children of students, employees and community members. There is a cost to attend, and you need to apply for enrollment.

Flextime Arrangements

Flextime arrangements are available year-round to all employees, subject to the operational needs of their department.


You have access to protected leaves. This means you can take time off work for several reasons that are protected by the law. These include parental leave, bereavement leave and others. Read more about leaves and time off.

Life Events

Life is full of changes. When you experience a major change, such as marriage, divorce or disability, we'll provide information on relevant policies and benefits. We'll also assist you with making recommended updates. Read more about navigating life events.

Support Groups

You can participate in four support groups offered to NIU employees: cancer support, eldercare support, grief support and weight loss support. These understanding communities can help you deal with difficult life situations.

Tuition Support

As an NIU employee or retiree, your children can receive a discount on tuition at NIU. You must have seven years of service credit to obtain this benefit. Learn more about tuition waivers.

Financial Support

You can take advantage of a range of savings and discounts due to your employment at NIU. You can also participate in the Flexible Spending Account Program to help save money on child care or medical expenses.

Financial Education Center  

Build confidence around the Financial Decisions you face at any point in your career. Fifth Third Membership Advantage provides you access to 40+ digital course offerings and tools available on your computer, smart phone or tablet. Learn at a pace and place that is most convenient to you. You will need to create an account to use this service. 

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