Supervisor Training Series

Our Supervisor Training Series offers a comprehensive 10-week session allowing current supervisors (those who supervise student or employee staff), or those working towards or interested in pursuing a supervisory position (emerging supervisors), an opportunity to learn tangible skills to carry through to the job.  The five tenants of the training focus on:

  • Personal Qualities Skills
  • Human Skills
  • Managerial Skills
  • Ethics and Humility
  • University Resources

Participants also meet in one-on-one coaching sessions with EAP staff, as well as participate in a supervisor mentor group, to develop and discuss how to implement the skills learned in their day-to-day work environment. 

Supervisor Training groups begin throughout the year, to be added to the waiting list for a future session contact the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) at or 815-753-9191 and provide the following:

  • Do you primarily supervise students or employees
  • Would you prefer to participate during the Fall or Spring semester