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Last Update November 1, 2016
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JCAR Title 44, Section 5010.470, “Reporting ‘on location’ equipment for annual inventory report” requires that property used off-campus be documented to ensure appropriate control.  Realizing that most equipment taken off-campus for university missions are either used for long periods under one borrower/holder or used for short and/or frequent periods by multiple borrowers/holders, two control forms are available for use.

  • Long-term Off-Campus Property Control form
    • Intended for durations longer than a semester (3-year maximum)
    • Property loaned to non-NIU personnel
  • Short-term/frequent Off-Campus Property Control log
    • Intended for durations of up to one semester

Instructions for completing the “Long-term Off-Campus Property Control” form (fillable PDF):

  1. Complete all information. Items should not be removed from campus prior to receiving approval from the Dean or Associate Vice President (or designee).
  2. Please print/write legibly.
  3. Complete anticipated return date with a date that is within three years or less from the request date. If the equipment will be used in multiple locations, a home address may be used as a default address.
  4. Be specific about the purpose for borrowing University equipment for off-campus use. (For property being loaned to a non-NIU employee, justification must accompany the request explaining the need for NIU property to be used by non-NIU individuals. These requests must be renewed annually, so the anticipated return date should be one year or less.)
  5. After the form is completed and signed, send a copy to the Responsible Officer (the Responsible Officer will send a copy to Property Control for their records).
  6. When equipment is returned to campus, fill in the actual return date and notify the Responsible Officer.

Instructions for completing the “Short-term/Frequent Off-Campus Property Control” log (fillable PDF):

  1. Complete all information. Items should not be removed from campus prior to recording all information with the department-authorized log maintainer.
  2. Responsible Officers should retain the logs for a period of one year from the last entry on the log.

Responsible Officers are delegated the responsibility of maintaining proper accountability and control of the equipment within their inventory sector(s). Responsible Officers have the following responsibilities regarding off-campus use of university equipment:

  • Ensure that forms are completed properly, renewed, and copies of the long-term forms are forwarded to Property Control for awareness.  
  • When renewing the long-term authorization, a new form must be completed to maintain the accuracy of records.  Maintaining a tickler file of expiring authorizations is a recommended best practice.
  • Complete an annual inventory verification of equipment as required by Property Control and complete the Form 15 by the due date.
  • Know the location of all equipment inventoried and assure that the equipment is reasonably secure from possible theft or hazards.
  • Assure that assigned equipment is being used in the best interest of the university.
  • Monitor use of short-term/frequent off-campus property control logs.

Under both long and short-term off-campus use of university property, the person borrowing the equipment is responsible for reasonable care.  To emphasize this responsibility each form contains the following acknowledgement: By signing this form requesters acknowledge responsibility for safeguarding the equipment and the potential liability for any costs of damage or replacing the equipment if it is lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair.  Requesters also acknowledge that equipment is being used for official purposes and not for private/personal use.  Additional acceptable-use guidance for information, computing, and communication resources is located in the Acceptable Use Policy.

Relevant forms are available through Facilities Management and Campus Services.

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