Position Classification Review (Desk Audit)

Last Update August 8, 2019
Responsible Unit Human Resource Services
Category Employment

Human Resource Services determines the classification of a position based on the currently assigned duties and responsibilities detailed in the job description.  It is important that the job description is updated as the duties change to ensure that the position is properly classified. 

In accordance with Civil Service System Rule 250.30 (f)(1), "An employee, whose position is reallocated or reclassified, shall be eligible for continued employment in the position which is reallocated or reclassified, provided she/he establishes eligibility for such a new class. She/he may establish eligibility by meeting the minimum qualifications for the new class to which the position has been reallocated or reclassified, and by passing an examination for the new class.  She/he must complete a probationary period in the position in the new class."

Statute and Rules Section 250.5 Definitions

Reclassification - Reassignment of an existing position within a promotional line.

Reallocation - Reassignment of an existing position to a class which is a part of a different promotional line, or to a class which is not a part of any promotional line.

A request to reallocate or reclassify any existing position may originate with the incumbent, department, HRS, or State Universities Civil Service System.  An updated position description that accurately reflects the current duties and responsibilities designated and having been performed for thirty days should be submitted through PeopleAdmin.

Position Review Procedure

  1. Submit Request for Review: Employee/supervisor/department submits the updated job description via PeopleAdmin to Human Resource Services (HRS).  The current job description on file with HRS is available in PeopleAdmin and should be used as the basis for any updates. 
  1. Job Description Review: The Employment Coordinator will review the updated job description and if necessary schedule an appointment with the employee/supervisor to clarify the job duties described in the job description.
  1. Job Duties Analyzed and Written Recommendation: The Employment Coordinator will analyze the job duties and render a written recommendation on the civil service classification title and level.  The recommendation will either indicate that the position is appropriately classified or better aligns with another classification.  
  1. Written Report
    1. No change in classification – An email will be sent to both the employee and the supervisor notifying them of the outcome of the position review/desk audit. As a general rule, compensation changes will not be recommended when there is no change in classification. 
    2. Change in classification - If the audit report indicates a change in classification, the recommendation will be reviewed by the divisional vice president and department head.
      • If the request is approved by the divisional vice president and department head, HRS will submit the results to the Executive Budget Committee (EBC) for approval.  If the request is approved by the EBC, HRS will work with the department head and vice president to implement the classification change.
      • If the request is denied by the divisional vice president, department head, or the EBC, Human Resource Services will assist the supervisor and department head in determining which duties should be removed. This may result in the duties being reassigned to another employee or discontinued altogether.  It is the responsibility of the supervisor and the department head to ensure the duties that resulted in the classification change are removed promptly. 
  1. Results from Vice President and Department Head: If the audit recommendation is approved by the Executive Budget Committee, the vice president and department head will indicate their approval on the position review report and return it to Human Resource Services. The results of the audit will be communicated to the employee, with a copy sent to the supervisor.
    1. For an employee to be reclassified, they must be qualified for, and successfully pass, the appropriate civil service examination for the classification recommended in the position review report. These arrangements will be made with the Human Resource Services’ Testing Office.  Results of the position review report cannot go into effect until the employee passes the examination.
    2. An employee has a right to appeal the position review/desk audit determination. If the employee would like to appeal the request, Human Resources Services must be notified in writing within 20 working days after receipt of determination. A second appeal to the State Universities Civil Service System is also available if a satisfactory determination is not reached at the campus level.

Note: Should academic affairs, college level (Dean or AVP), and the department be unable to support the reclassification or reallocation, the HR Coordinator will advise the department as to how the job should be restructured in order to conform to the employee's current classification.

Your Human Resource Service Team is available to assist you, call the HRS Service Center at 815-753-6000.


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