General Process Flow for Position Refills

  1. Request received in HRS after all required approvals / modifications
  2. Is job description complete?¹
    • No
      • Job description is returned to department for updates and modifications
    • Yes
      • How should the position be classified?²
      • Should the position be paid on an hourly or salaried basis?³
      • What should be the compensation range for this position?⁴
      • Results of the review and appropriate market data are sent to the department for review and discussion
      • Position approved and posted to solicit candidates

Process Flowchart

¹ Do percentages total 100%? Is any percentage of effort more than 30% or less than 5%?

² Do the duties provided in the job description fit one of the 1027 civil service classifications? If so what classification? If not what SPS title should be used for the position?

³ Under the federal Department of Labor guidelines should the position be paid on a salaried or hourly basis?

⁴ This determination is made by using statewide SUCSS data and national College University Professional Association (CUPA) data. The CUPA data allows us to look at national data for universities that are public and have similiar expenses and enrollments to NIU.