Recruiting / Hiring

Human Resource Services is committed to supporting the mission of Northern Illinois University. In support of the mission, Human Resource Services focuses on the recruitment and retention of employees that will enhance and contribute to a community of diverse people, ideas, services and scholarly endeavors in a climate of respect for the intrinsic dignity of each individual.

Recruitment of experienced candidates is a vital part of the hiring process and Human Resource Services works closely with the department to develop an effective recruitment plan. The successful recruitment of qualified candidates is critical to furthering the mission and vision of the University as well as augmenting the ingenuity, diversity and excellence of Northern Illinois University.

Employment Eligibility

It is the intent of the university to fully comply with the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986. This Act makes it illegal for employers to knowingly hire a non-resident who is not authorized to work in the United States or to continue to employ such an individual after finding out that he or she is not authorized. The law also requires verification of the employment authorization and identity of each person hired, including U.S. citizens. New status employees are required to furnish, on or prior to their first day of work, appropriate documentation by completing an I-9 form. Non-status employees are required to follow this procedure on their first day of work by reporting to Human Resource Services to complete all necessary employment paperwork.

Your Human Resource Services Employment Contact is available to assist you with any of your human resource needs.