Payroll Deductions

  • Complete and sign the Start / Stop Payroll Deduction Authorization Form
  • Using one of the methods below, send completed form to the Payroll Office:
    • Fax to 815-753-6048
    • Scan and e-mail to
    • Send via Campus Mail to Dept: HR, Attention Of: Payroll Office

More Information


Garnishments are court-ordered deductions. Payroll is required to withhold amounts from an employee's compensation to satisfy a child support order, tax debt, or court judgment. There are several common types of garnishments:

  • Child support orders
  • Court ordered wage deductions
  • Tax levies
  • Tax repayment agreements
  • Student loan garnishments
  • Court ordered bankruptcy payments

Each of the garnishments listed above has its own rules for deductions. Payroll will follow the deduction rules set forth by the issuing agency.

Illinois Offsets

The Illinois State Collection Act of 1986 authorizes state agencies, such as Northern Illinois University, to offset payroll checks of its employees for unpaid debts to any state agency.  This routine applies to all employees.

Any employee who appears on the State Offset list and has wages due, will have a deduction equal to 25% of disposable earnings made against the paycheck.  These deductions will continue until the balance is paid in full or the offset list no longer contains the employee's name and debt.

If you have any questions about the offset, you may contact the Illinois State Comptroller’s Office at (217) 782-7525.