Employee/Labor Relations

Employee and Labor Relations has developed a one stop shop with a customer service approach to address the following tasks:

Labor Relations

Employee Relations

  • Partner with departments to develop strategies for the changing needs of campus
  • Create/cultivate positive labor/management relations
  • Forecast campus trends
  • Interpret university policies and applicable employment law
  • Policy development
  • Workforce issues 

For assistance please contact a member of our team:

Jesse Perez, Ed.D.
815-753-5057  |  jperez1@niu.edu

  • Director of Employee and Labor Relations
  • Chief Negotiator and Administrator for Staff Union Contracts

Kevin W. Reynolds
815-753-6133  |  kreynolds1@niu.edu

  • Director of Academic Employee and Labor Relations

Darek Williams
815-753-1853  |  dwilliams48@niu.edu

  • Labor Relations Specialist

Marlene Bryant
815-753-0457  |  mbryant@niu.edu

  • Academic Employee and Labor Relations Assistant
  • Academic Contracts


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Employee and Labor Relations
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