Faculty/Staff Grievance

The faculty/staff grievance process provides an opportunity for a faculty or staff member to seek resolution of allegations of unfair treatment in the workplace by other members of the University faculty or staff.

Note: These grievance procedures are not applicable to faculty and staff governed by collective-bargaining agreements or student employees, including graduate assistants. Employees covered under collective-bargaining agreements shall be limited to filing grievances in accordance with the provisions of those agreements.

Academic Freedom

  • University staff who are engaged in academic activities may utilize Article 10 of the University Constitution and Bylaws to address allegations of violation regarding their academic freedom. University Constitution and Bylaws, Article 10

Sexual Harassment or Discrimination

  • Good faith grievances alleging sexual harassment or discrimination, including excessive impact unrelated to professional qualifications, or the actions or inaction of others should be directed to the Ethics and Compliance Office Complaint Resolution

Suspension, Demotion, or Discharge

  • Per the University Constitution and Bylaws, disciplinary proceedings involving suspension, demotion, or discharge must follow provisions in accordance with section Non-bargaining Operating Staff employees must follow provisions established by Human Resource Services pursuant to the State Universities Civil Service System (SUCSS), and are not eligible to submit a Faculty and Staff Grievance.  For assistance contact your Operating Staff Employment Coordinator


  • Appeal of disciplinary actions
  • Arbitrary, capricious, or oppressive treatment pertaining to the application of benefits
  • Terms and conditions of employment (including the creation of a hostile work environment within the employment context)
  • Personnel reviews
  • Performance evaluations.

Utilizing the form below submit this formal grievance form and documentation within 40 work days of the time the grievant knew of or should have known of the grievable act, or within 10 work days after being informed of the formal dismissal of the complaint by a University body for want of jurisdiction.