Workers Compensation

In the event of a work related accident or injury follow the steps below:

  1. Call 911, as applicable, and/or seek medical attention as necessary.
  2. Report the incident to the supervisor/department. The supervisor/department may provide application packet upon report of injury or upon request.
  3. Call Tristar to report injury at 855-495-1554.
  4. Contact the Workers’ Compensation Coordinator (WCC) for additional information at 815-753-6000.
  5. As forms are completed, please fax to 815-753-6777 or scan and email to . If scan or fax is unavailable, please send via campus mail to Human Resource Services.
    • The Application Forms Packet contains required forms to be completed by the employee, supervisor, witness(es), and physician, as applicable.
    • The Information Only Packet is recommended viewing for all employees as it provides detailed workers’ compensation information, including rights and responsibilities involving the claim process.

It is recommended that employees remain within the parameters of their own insurance in the event the claim is deemed non-compensable.

Faculty Members: Extension of the Tenure Probationary Period

Pursuant to Public Act 97-895, the administration of the State Employee Workers’ Compensation Program conducted a competitive procurement, resulting in a new third-party administrator. As of 3/16/13, Tristar Risk Enterprise Management, Inc., is the current administrator.