Qualifying Change in Status

Outside of the annual Benefit Choice period employees experiencing a qualifying change in status have certain options, including opting out of or into health, dental and vision coverage if requested within 60 days. Any mid-year election change must be consistent with the qualifying change in status the member has experienced. Qualifying changes in status include:

  1. An event that changes the employee’s legal relationship status, some examples include:
    1. Marriage
    2. Civil Union Partnership
    3. Divorce
    4. Legal Separation
  2. An event that changes the employee’s number of dependents, including:
    1. Birth
    2. Death
    3. Adoption
    4. Placement for Adoption
  3. An event that changes the employment status of the employee, their spouse, or their dependent, including:
    1. A termination of employment
    2. Commencement or a return from an unpaid leave of absence
    3. A change in the individual’s employment status that changes their eligibility for insurance
  4. An event that causes an employee’s dependent to satisfy or cease to satisfy eligibility requirements for coverage.
  5. A change of residential or work county for the employee, spouse, civil union partner/ or dependent.

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